We LOVE Tourists!

Leech Lake is starting to thaw as we have been enjoying some nice temperatures in the 50's and 60's. It makes us anxious for all our spring fashion to arrive. While we have been showcasing some of our favorite picks from the store floors, there is just so much more to come! 

Our favorite time of year is when all our snowbirds come back from the southern temps, and when new and old faces of visitors start arriving. It's no secret that our stores thrive on tourism. It's the industry and passion of our little Minnesota towns: to welcome visitors in our doors and make them feel at home. 

Sometimes our love for our visitors is subtle - like in the case of these tiny little necklaces featuring your favorite state. We picked Iowa for this photo because we have a massive customer base in our southern neighbor. (Plus our marketing and photography guru is from there, and she likes to remind us that Iowans are excellent shoppers,) We don't disagree! So here's a shout out to our Iowa customers, and a "we'll see you all soon" for all our friends and visitors soon to make their way back north. We'll be ready!